A Call to Action

Send us your Ramadan hacks, recipes, and memories

What does Ramadan mean to you? Share with us a memory, a recipe, or your best advice for navigating the unique demands of the Holy Month.

Send us your Ramadan hacks, recipes, and memories

We would like to invite you to share your content with us during Ramadan. Send your contributions to Publishing@aramco.com, and don’t forget to add photos!


Ramadan Hacks: Are there any special tricks you have learned over the years to help you sleep better, keep a healthy diet, or even increase your productivity during the holy month? 


Delicious Recipes: Send us your best recipes. Don’t forget to attach lots of photos and the necessary steps. If the meal has some significance to you, do share that with us as well.


Memories: What are some of your most special memories from childhood? And what are some memories you’d like to create this year? 


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