Aramco highlights forward-looking strategy at IPTC

Aramco’s general manager of Characterization and Field Development Geosciences notes investment and partnerships in technology critical.

Aramco highlights forward-looking strategy at IPTC

During a panel discussion titled “Managing Transformation to Shape the Future of Energy,” Samer S. Al Ashgar, general manager of Characterization and Field Development Geosciences, gave an overview of Aramco’s drive in technological advancements.


He shared the platform with Firouz Asnan, senior vice president of Malaysian Petroleum Management for Petronas; Montri Rawanchaikul, president of PTT Exploration and Production; Maria Sferruzza, senior vice president of Baker Hughes Asia-Pacific; and Przemek Lupa, head of Asia-Pacific Development for Masdar.


“The new energy mix will evolve and grow, with hydrocarbons remaining a large part of that energy mix for many years ahead," Al Ashgar told the panel.

“While the future of energy is evolving, a constant is the fundamental investments in technology and innovation and investments in partnerships as well. We will also continue to make long-term investments in our production capability.


“We move forward to increase productivity and performance and will be maximizing the benefits of digitalization and artificial intelligence. As we drive toward solutions, we will move in line with our responsibility to minimize emissions as well.”


Aramco to host IPTC 2022 in Dhahran

Aramco will host the 2022 flagship conference in Dhahran. 


Accepting the transfer of the IPTC official flag, marking the next venue for the conference, AbdulHameed A. Al Rushaid, vice president of Petroleum Engineering and Development, said, “It is truly remarkable to see how the industry is coming together, despite the global conditions caused by COVID-19. These past nine days of the conference are a testament to the ability to create opportunities for the industry as it continues to transform and shape the future.


IPTC 2022 will venture into the energy sector’s resilience, technology co-advancement, sustainability, and the ecosystem evolution beyond these difficult and challenging times.
AbdulHameed A. Al Rushaid


“We hope by then, the world will have emerged from the global pandemic,” Al Rushaid said.


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