Bring back storytelling to encourage and motivate the young

Stories speak to the soul.

Bring back storytelling to encourage and motivate the young

Today’s generation, as ours was before, needs encouragement and motivation to help it find its way with confidence.

These two words are a strong driver to build a solid base of self-confidence through which a young person can overcome challenges he or she faces now, and in the future.

How to make encouragement and motivation acceptable to them? I think that a good way to do this is to use storytelling as a model to give them real-life examples to encourage and motivate.

Highlight successful people

This is what happened when I was talking with my son on this subject. He was consulting with me and I found that following the stories of successful people, especially in the field that a young person loves, or plans to be distinguished in — whether it be education, business, or leadership — was helpful.

Stories speak to the soul

Storytelling is always attractive, interesting and endearing to the listener and speaks to his or her soul, especially when it is close to the interests and lives of people. The story can be achieved by many when they are keen to work on it with patience, perseverance, clarity of vision, and a lack of ambiguity.

Sensory and moral stimulation has a great role in the achievement of goals and being able to work toward them without tiring or getting bored. The human soul by its very nature loves praise and material or other returns that it deserves after making the sufficient effort required to achieve a goal. If someone is keen to make a daily effort mentally or physically to achieve a goal, it will be achieved. This is a way to help you achieve it in the midst of life’s concerns instead of delaying until you are free.

I also think that dividing the achievement of goals into multiple stages, and encouraging the young with incentives for each stage separately, may be more effective than looking at them long term. The human soul gets bored of waiting and likes to see achievements earlier rather than later.

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