Find your winning strategy for the 2021 F1 Aramco Employee League

Last year’s winners give their inside tips.

Find your winning strategy for the 2021 F1 Aramco Employee League

To be successful in the F1 Aramco Employee League, players have to find strategies that will maximize their points. To discover more about strategies that can bring success, we talked to the three “podium finishers” from the 2020 season.

Saleh Y. Alrooq, 2020 First Place

On strategy:

“Understanding the League’s rules and keeping up with what is happening during on-track practice and qualifying sessions and Grand Prix races is essential. During the 2020 season, I thought of my team as an investment portfolio. I picked drivers and teams with the potential to perform well but which were undervalued cost wise. This is one of the keys to maximizing points over the season.” 

“I plan to pick high-performing drivers and some of the lower cost mid-field drivers. I may also pick one of the rookie drivers who performed well during testing. For my constructor team, I will pick a reliable team that is likely to achieve consistently high points.”

Sultan T. Khayat, 2020 Second Place

On strategy:

“Last season I used a three-step approach to selecting my dream team: First, I watched all the practice sessions to assess driver and car performance. Second, I reviewed the historical performance record of each team and driver, and third, I studied the design elements of each track to determine which engine type would likely perform best during each race. Understanding these factors enabled me to create high-scoring teams.”

“Once I had picked my team I made minimal changes in the driver lineup from race to race. I would mostly just change the turbo driver. Points won by the turbo driver are doubled so they can really boost your overall score.”

Mohammed Alawami, 2020 Third Place

On strategy:

 “The value of drivers changes every week, so before each race I substituted drivers that were likely to decrease in value with drivers I expected to increase in value because of their performance. I used this strategy to increase my available team budget by $9 million toward the end of the season. This enabled me to select more high-performing drivers and boost my points tally.”

“I made good use of the ‘streaks,’ where drivers earned bonus points by qualifying and finishing the races in top-10 positions for five consecutive races. By combining this strategy with turbo and mega drivers I was able to earn double points and sometimes triple points.”

The stage is set. Get ready for the lights, the cameras, and the action. The deadline for registering with the F1 Aramco Employee League is March 25, so join now!

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