All in the Family: Do-It-Yourself service for dependents

Aramco’s new dependent ID renewal service as easy as 1-2-3-4 at 24/7 kiosks.

All in the Family: Do-It-Yourself service for dependents

Employees can now renew the ID cards of their dependents on their behalf through the Industrial Security 24-hour self-service ID kiosks located throughout the Kingdom. 

The automation of Aramco’s dependent ID renewal process is just the latest example of using digital technologies to improve convenience while maintaining security for our communities and facilities. 

As with the 2020 Do-It-Yourself ID replacement program for employees, this new service saves time and also provides added health and safety to employees and dependents during the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. With an estimated 25,000 dependents in the company needing renewed IDs, finding ways to avoid crowds is an even greater priority.

All in one step

“Rather than taking your dependents to the Industrial Security ID office, employees can, in a single step, insert the old ID cards of their dependents into an ID kiosk and print the new ones. Your dependents can stay home safe,” said Alanood Al-Rabiah, Industrial Security Technology Solutions division administrator.


Here is how the process works
1. Insert your old dependent ID card in the self-service ID kiosk.
2. You will receive a one-time password (OTP) to your registered mobile number with the company.
3. Type the OTP in the self-service ID kiosk and confirm dependent information.
4. The self-service ID kiosk will retrieve your old dependent ID card and print the new one.

Please note that dependents’ expired IDs will still be accepted in ID kiosks for renewal.

If you need help, feel free to visit our dedicated Do-It-Yourself for Your Family ShareK webpage by typing DIY in your browser address bar where you can find more information. Also, the locations of our Industrial Security Operations (ISO) 24-hour self-service ID kiosks in your area are listed. You can also email or call the ISO Security Customer Support Center at 989 (013-876-6000) for assistance in obtaining your dependent’s new ID cards.

For the Security Customer Support Center call 13 876 6000


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