Charm your way through life with effective communication skills

With just a few simple steps – you can transform how you are perceived.

Charm your way through life with effective communication skills

You will be one of the most charming people in the world when you develop effective interpersonal communication skills and make other people feel like the most important person in the world.

Here are a few learnable techniques on how to become better at creating a good impression.

Listen with genuine interest to what other people say and ask them good questions

One of the secrets of making people feel important and comfortable enough to collaborate with you is to focus and fully engage in listening to them when you have a conversation. You indicate clearly to others that you are actually fully investing your time in listening to them carefully and with great interest by making eye contact with them, switching off your mobile phone, taking a note from the conversation, and asking good questions. You will always make others feel important by going into a discussion with the clear mindset of, “My main tasks in every conversation at work and at home is to fully focus my listening skills, fully hold my attention to the speaker, and ask them good, relevant questions.” One question to a colleague, for example, could be, “How would you predict the future development of research related to your topic?”

Make people feel good by making them feel like an expert 

One of the most powerful personal communication skills to deepen your connections with your colleagues at work and family at home is to directly acknowledge their expertise in the topic under discussion. Additionally, if you are interested in the topic, that makes them feel privileged. You will, therefore, learn much from them. This skill works well because everyone you meet knows a lot more about something than you. So, the key point here is to connect with people and make them feel like a subject matter expert and let them talk until they finish.

Respect and admire other people

You increase dramatically other people’s self-esteem when you admire their accomplishments and their positive thoughts. People will respect and value you more if you effectively charm them with kindness, politeness, and respect. Also, always keep disciplined in saying the right things about people in their absence; clearly indicating to others present that those people not there are also important to you.

If you effectively act upon these suggestions on how to make other people feel important, you will achieve your goals of being a successfully charming person at work and at home.

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