Creating a growth mindset for the future

A growth mindset is based on intelligence, capabilities, and desire to embrace challenges.

Creating a growth mindset for the future

Talents can be developed through hard work, good strategies, and input (Dweck, 2016). This implies that our abilities are not limited; they can be developed to align with changing trends. It is an idea that focuses on our capacity as individuals to develop new skills that promote business growth, a culture of accepting change, and innovation. 

In business, a growth mindset entails strategies that develop employee capabilities to ensure the business gains a competitive edge through new skillsets, creativity, innovation, diversity, and inclusivity.

A growth mindset is based on the continual development of intelligence, capabilities, and the desire to embrace challenges. For us to change and start thinking differently, we have to go through multiple stages. I find the ADKAR change management model an effective approach.

The ADKAR model focuses on changing individuals’ mindset and behaviors based on awareness, desire, knowledge, ability, and reinforcement (Dijesh and Mary, 2017). It is a journey of self-enhancement. 

The first strategy is to create awareness of the need for a growth mindset, which engages all employees and organizational processes. The second is putting in place mechanisms that stimulate the desire to participate in the activities or processes that enhance the growth mindset. The third is to provide the necessary information on the change. The fourth is to build abilities/capabilities for the change process. This will entail investing in the technological aspects to allow virtual reach, the ability to work remotely, and work design that captures the needs of individuals. Also, it will entail training the workforce on the importance of diversity, flexibility, tolerance, and inclusivity in the workplace. The final strategy is reinforcing the change to ensure that the growth mindset defines the workforce. 

We need to prepare for disruptions by initiating growth strategies that integrate technology in the workforce and create a work environment that encourages employees to gain new skills. Such changes will allow the workforce to embrace lifelong learning in line with the changing environment. Remember, development is not limited to company training. It is your ability as an individual to grow by reading a book, listing to a podcast, or watching a documentary. 

In an organizational setting, leaders need to create a culture that fosters positive attitudes, behaviors, actions, and performance. The mindset that represents the future is centered on continual personal improvement to gain the skills relevant in a rapidly changing world.

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