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After Hours Book Club dishes up classics

Dhahran Recreation Club keeps focus on timeless literature.

After Hours Book Club dishes up classics

Dhahran Recreation Library’s After Hours Book Club has read and reflected on some of the world’s most well-known literary works of art since its formation in 2016.


In five years, the group has read and discussed more than 40 books, from science fiction and fantasy, to tragedy, horror, mystery, and adventure — even children’s literature.

The themes are timeless and universal; the characters, though placed in centuries past at times, are recognizable and relatable, and the language is sometimes rich with challenging syntax and vocabulary, and other times beautiful in its simplicity.


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The joy a good book

Members of the group come from different countries with their own cultural perspectives and backgrounds that flavor opinions about literature. Some members have been avid readers all their lives; others are discovering the joy of diving into a good book.


Longtime member Stuart Burt, a management and professional trainer, says reading classic novels is enjoyable, rewarding, and thought provoking.


“There is a shared interest in discussing the narrative, structure, and idiosyncrasies of great novels. That shared interest, in turn, feeds back into your own reading experience.”


Avid readers like Rami Kamal, a retiree, says he has read 27 classic novels from around the world that he had never had the opportunity to read over his lifetime.


“Most of the books have left a powerful impact on my intellect and greatly enriched my literary base.”


The group always welcomes new members and encourages those who might be reluctant to commit to reading what arguably can sometimes be challenging.


The book club has been a highlight during my time here in the Dhahran community.
— Mel Scott, PR specialist and first-time book club member


The newest member, Ameera Ahmed, from the Corporate Venturing Department, says she is looking forward to reading and discussing classic titles soon.


“This is an active and very interesting group, and I am delighted to take part. I am excited to read the upcoming books for 2021.”


About the club 

The After Hours Book Club meets every six weeks to discuss a selected title and is open to Aramco employees, retirees, and dependents over 18 years. To learn more or to be added to the membership list, call the library at 872-5738 or send an email to: with “After Hours Book Club” in the subject line.


The next meeting is scheduled for March 10 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. The group will be discussing The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells. A limited number of copies is available from the library. During the pandemic the group meets virtually.


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