CS Center

New facility management hub, 939 call center, showcase gallery unveiled

Community Services rolls out new CS Center at Dhahran Al-Mujamma’.

New facility management hub, 939 call center, showcase gallery unveiled

As part of Community Services’ (CS) continuous efforts to improve the quality and range of the services it offers to employees, a new facility called the “CS Center” has been established. 


Located on the ground floor of the Al-Mujamma’ building in Dhahran, it was inaugurated by the senior vice president of HR & Corporate Services, Nabeel A. Al-Jama’ on Feb. 4, 2021.


The CS Center was designed and built in two months by an in-house team. It acts as a business intelligence hub and nerve center that monitors and analyzes data from the diverse range of services that CS provides. Consumer behavior, customer satisfaction, and facilities utilization are all continuously monitored.  


The latest technology 


With more than 200 inputs and outputs, the Center uses the latest in visualization technology to deliver a real-time, holistic view of CS operations. The Control Center is fully integrated with the new 939 Call Center, which handles the maintenance requests for around 30,000 residents across the Kingdom. It is a 24/7 operation, with 25 agents handling around 3,000 calls per week. The Call Center’s scope will soon be expanded to cover more than 25,000 office users in CS managed offices.


939 Supervisor, Mansour Khulaifi, stated, “Recent improvements at the 939 Call Center have led to call answering and handling times that surpass international benchmark standards.”


“Community Services plays a key role in improving the quality of life of company employees and their dependents,” said CS executive director Faisal A. Hajji. “The Control Center better enables CS management to make proactive, data-driven decisions that positively impacts our customers’ satisfaction.” 


The Customer Care Center ‘939’ is a critical competent that complement’s the Control Center’s strength, pin-pointing customers’ needs and acting accordingly.
Faisal A. Hajji


The Control Center also acts as the CS Dhahran Emergency Control Center, with direct links to both OSPAS and the Dhahran Fire Station.


A Community Services showcase


Visitors to Al-Mujamma’ will be impressed by the distinctive entrance to the CS Center. Known as the CS Gallery, it complements the Center and showcases how CS supports the company’s strategic objective to provide the best working and living environment to help attract and retain a talented workforce.


A series of display panels describe the evolution of the company’s communities, from the desert beginnings in 1930s Dhahran, through to the present-day oases across the Kingdom. The contribution of CS to environmental stewardship is also described, including recent initiatives promoting the circular carbon economy, decarbonization, and biodiversity sustainability.


As the company’s digital transformation continues apace, CS plans to leverage the latest technologies to build an ‘Internet of Things’ platform and integrate it with the CS Center. “Installing and connecting smart devices and sensors throughout CS facilities will transform our operations, providing greater insights into how our facilities are being used and what improvement could be made,” said Hajji.

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