Safety Beginnings

Amin Nasser: Learning safety on the frontline

President and CEO reflects on the beginning of his own safety journey.

Amin Nasser: Learning safety on the frontline

In 1982, as a graduate engineer, Amin Nasser began his Aramco career on the production frontline.


Thirty-three years later, after becoming CEO in 2015, he has led the company through a number of crisis events, including attacks aimed at disrupting production. In dealing with those crises, what’s helped the company to successfully overcome challenges, is the strong safety culture established by pioneer Aramcons. That spirit and commitment to carry on that legacy remains alive and well, Nasser says, and can be felt like a heartbeat in the fields and facilities today, similar to when he joined Aramco.


“Our response to the attacks on our facilities clearly demonstrated that safety is in our DNA. The actions of our people make me very proud, not only of our response to those events, but also in the way we’ve gone about making safety a habit of excellence,” Nasser said.


“I am privileged to be leading a great team and even though I am in an office nowadays, I have never really left the field. The monthly EMSRs are a great way to connect with our people.” 


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