Reader's Album

Reader's Album: A Day at Wadi Al Dissah

A hidden valley south of Tabuk offers a tranquil and beautiful scene.

Reader's Album: A Day at Wadi Al Dissah

Aramcon Eric Cordoves was on vacation with his family in December and spent a day in Al Dissah on the way to Tabuk. Wadi Al Dissah, a majestic valley hidden 220 km south of the Tabuk region, is surrounded by beautiful, striking red pillar-shaped mountains with fresh and clear water springs in hidden spots. Cordoves said the sweet scent of fresh air from palm trees brings a unique tranquility that was accentuated at both sunrise and sunset. Cordoves lives in Ras Tanura and works in Tanajib as a maintenance engineer in the Northern Area Gas Producing Department. He has been with the company 12 years.


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