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Aramco LIFE: A new way to connect

CEO launches new digital app.

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We take great pride in our publications. After all, they are the living memory of Saudi Aramco’s achievements and milestones, its community’s thriving culture, and the region’s most historic moments. 

But above all, our publications have served since 1945 as the link between the company and its employees, from the weekly newsletters “The Arabian Sun” and “Al Qafilah Weekly”; to our cultural and international magazines such as “Aramco World” and “Al Qafilah Magazine;” and our most recent digital publications such as “Elements” and “Ithraeyat.”   

There is more than one way to connect today. We walk around with our lives on our phones and navigate a world that is becoming more and more digitally connected.  Aramco news is no different. 

Introducing: Aramco LIFE.

This platform is where we breathe life into our news and provide a new way to interact with the company. We will be reporting stories in real time, adding video and audio for a more lively experience, and sharing user-generated content. And users who spend enough time on Aramco LIFE never have to skip or leaf through pages to find the topics that interest them, as the system automatically provides them with a personalized set of stories that suit their preferences.


Some of our new features
-- Reader-chosen preferences, which will highlight more of the news you like, be it company news, technology, sustainability, or lifestyle features
-- Regular polls to measure the pulse of readers and their opinions
-- Reader submitted videos, including 60 Second features that are similar to written opinion pieces only in video form
-- Reader submitted photos, and monthly polls to decide users' favorite
-- And more.


Aramco LIFE can be downloaded from the app store or google play, or accessed online on a web browser at Wherever our readers are, they will have access to all of the company’s latest news and be the first to know, the first to share, and the first to voice their opinion. 


Come visit the Aramco LIFE exhibit, with a display of older Aramco publications, at these locations:

  • Dhahran: Al Midra Tower, Al Mujamma, Tower Building 
  • Dammam: Dammam Office Building.
  • Abqaiq: East Administration Building.
  • Ras Tanura: Administration West Building.

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