Ras Tanura EMSR

RT safety efforts recognized at EMSR

From mangroves to shutdowns, efforts during pandemic produce results.

RT safety efforts recognized at EMSR

Safe driving, environmental protection, and perseverance in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic were key themes at last week’s Executive Management Safety Review (EMSR) in Ras Tanura (RT).


Aramco president and CEO Amin Nasser was joined by other members of corporate and senior management during the EMSR, which featured a safety performance presentation delivered via video and a pair of bus tours to locations across the RT area.


Nasser commended the area for its excellent safety performance and significant improvement in reducing the number of motor vehicle accidents over the past year. He also said they should be proud of what they achieved despite COVID-19.


The first field tour location was the RT Terminal Control Room, where the CEO and other leaders watched a video on Terminals’ achievements in regard to safety, health, and environment. They also heard about the importance of attracting Saudi divers and meeting Saudization marks.


The RT Refinery tour included three areas, including:

• The Bio-Remediation Oil Pond, which the CEO commended.

• The Clean Fuels Project Shutdowns, which was conducted without any COVID-19 cases or incidents, even though 15,000 worked together on it during the effort.

• The Utilities Control Room.


Mohammed Y. Al-Qahtani, senior vice president of Downstream, commended the area for its safety performance, noting that management appreciated its efforts and sacrifices shown during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The second field tour began with Ju’aymah NGL Fractionation, which highlighted its dedication to safety in the pandemic as well as its focus on protecting the environment.


At Qatif Gas-Oil Separation Plant-1, a safety moment was well received by management and the resilient efforts of crews that stayed at the facility during lockdowns.


Also highlighted was the new closed-circuit television system upgrade project designed to elevate security onshore and offshore.


The EMSR field tours concluded with the inauguration of the Mangrove Eco-Park project (see the Jan. 13 edition of The Arabian Sun).





Amin Nasser cuts the ribbon at the Utilities Control Room as part of the Executive Management Safety Review in Ras Tanura. Nasser and other members of senior management last week visited the area to review its successes and safety efforts made over the past year.


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