Engineering Excellence

‘Healthy’ competition lays the foundations for excellence

Engineering Services celebrates remarkable achievements and excellence in 2020.

‘Healthy’ competition lays the foundations for excellence

Last year undoubtedly marked its page in the history books as one of the most challenging, obstacle laden, and trying years for businesses and economies around the globe. 


For Aramco’s Engineering Services (ES) organization, it was an opportunity to showcase its resilience, robustness, and perseverance in providing uninterrupted services and delivering to its clients. 


Recently, ES held its annual Engineering Services Excellence Awards to end 2020 on a high note and recognize its most valuable asset — its people. 


The annual ceremony has proven effective in creating a competitive environment among employees and organizations striving to collectively succeed and continually improve.


These awards promote excellence and create an environment of healthy competition among individuals, while showing our determination to stretch and achieve business targets.
Ahmad A. Al Sa’adi, senior vice president of Technical Services


ES Excellence Awards categories 


The awards are designed to encourage knowledge sharing and best practices in promoting innovation, quality, and leadership.


“The goal of the awards is to recognize top performers,” said Jamil J. Al-Bagawi, acting executive director of ES. 


“When you track progress and recognize achievements, you get better results. With innovation and technology deployment, we are trying to do more, while instilling and cultivating an innovation culture to cater into a fast-moving, digitally transformed business landscape.”


Anchored by a selection criterion, the awards measure and rank achievements in six different categories:


• Vendor Review Committee (VRC) Excellence Awards

• Technical Instructor Excellence Awards

• Standards Committee Excellence Awards

• Innovation & Technology Deployment Awards

• Community of Practice (CoP) Excellence Awards

Knowledge Sharing Excellence Awards

In the words of winners


Abdullah M. Al-Qahtani, Consulting Services Department (CSD), Heat Transfer Committee vice chairman

“We are very proud and pleased to receive two excellence awards this year — The Best Standards Committee Excellence Award, and the VRC Excellence Award for best Technical Committee. Each will give us the motivation to continue to uphold the standards that merited these awards. 

“Despite the technical challenges we faced in 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the team was able to deliver a successful year.”


Fawaz A. Al-Sahan, Process and Control Systems Department (P&CSD), Instrument Committee Chairman

“Receiving the 2020 VRC Excellence Award is exciting and motivational. The relentless commitment from the Instrumentation Committee in identifying localization opportunities for instrumentation commodities resulted in earning the 2020 VRC Excellence Award. We accomplished more than 10 local manufacturer approvals in 2020 through collaboration with the procurement and vendor inspection teams.” 


Mujtaba N. Shurafa, Northern Area Production Engineering Department (NAPED), Berri lead engineer

“The Community of Practice (CoP) Excellence Award was the result of teamwork and harmony of the NAPED’s engineering CoP team, and I am grateful to our management for their guidance to our Knowledge Management and Operational Excellence team.”


Ahmed S. Bunaiyan, P&CSD, Distillation & Heavy Ends Group 

“I’m honored, proud and delighted to receive an ES Excellence Award. 

“Our team is well integrated across functions, bound by a common goal to foster the highest standards of deliverables. The continued pursuit of the excellence awards is critical to my team’s success as it will create breakthroughs and innovative solutions to make our resources more valuable for our longstanding growth and value creation.”

The Winners
VRC Excellence Award
Best Technical Committees:
Heat Transfer Equipment Committee, CSD
• Haytham A. Al-Barrak, Committee chairman
• Abdullah M. Al-Qahtani, Committee vice chairman

Electrical Substations Equipment Committee, CSD
• Hamad Al-Tuaimi, Committee chairman
• Hussain Al-Suwaidan, Committee vice chairman
Instrumentation Committee, PCSD
• Fawaz A. Al-Sahan, Committee chairman
• Mokhtarudin Abdul Razak, Committee vice chairman
Best Quality Office
Aramco Asia, Responsible Inspection Office
• Yasser S. Al-Subhi, Inspection Office head
Technical Instructors’
Excellence Award
• Vasileios Tsachouridis, P&CSD
• Ahmad S. Bunaiyan, P&CSD
• Joy Joseph, CSD
• Youcef Mankour, P&CSD

Best Standard
Committee Excellence Award
Heat Transfer Equipment Committee, CSD
• Haytham A. Al-Barrak, Committee chairman
• Abdullah M. Al-Qahtani, Committee vice chairman
Electrical Substations Equipment Committee, CSD
• Hamad Al-Tuaimi, Committee chairman
• Hussain Al-Suwaidan, Committee vice chairman

Valves Committee, CSD
• Martin Meehan, Committee chairman
• Mousa Al-Harbi, Committee vice chairman

Innovation and Technology
Deployment Excellence Award
• Fawaz A. Al-Sahan, P&CSD
• Aziz U. Rehman, Inspection Department

CoP Excellence Award
Northern Area Production Engineering Department
• Manager Abdulrahman Al-Ahmari, CoP sponsor
• Mujtaba Shurafa, CoP leader

Drilling Technical Department
• Manager Khalifah Al-Amri, CoP sponsor
• Tariq Al-Talhi, CoP leader

Inspection Department
• Manager Bader A. Busbait, CoP sponsor
• Zuhair Al-Mashama, CoP leader

Knowledge Sharing Excellence
Award for Departments
Hawiyah Gas Plant Department
• Rashed M. Al-Dossary, manager
• Khalid S. Babtain, knowledge officer

Yanbu’ NGL Fractionation Department
• Mohammed S. Al-Ghamdi, manager
• Ali A. Al-Shihri, knowledge officer

Khurais Producing Department
• Mohammed I. Al-Sowayigh, manager
• Abdulkarim F. Wathnani, knowledge officer



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