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Dammam-7 Supercomputer a game changer

New machine 10 times faster than Kingdom’s previous fastest computer.

Dammam-7 Supercomputer a game changer

On Jan. 19, Aramco inaugurated Dammam-7, a new Aramco Upstream leased supercomputer located in Dhahran Techno Valley (DTV). The supercomputer is proof of our continued evolution to become the world’s leading digitalized energy company. With a computing capability of 55.4 petaflops, it is expected to be 10 times faster than the current fastest supercomputer within the Kingdom, KAUST’s Shaheen II supercomputer. 


It is also regarded as one among the top 10 supercomputers in the world. 


The delivery of the game changing system in the region’s oil and gas sector was made possible with a partnership between Aramco, STC-Solution, part of STC, and CRAY, a subsidiary of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Dammam-7 showcases the capabilities of all partners, and their respective strengths that enabled them to develop the fastest industrial computer in Saudi Arabia. 


A leader in geosciences


In addition to being in line with accelerating Aramco’s digital transformation, the Dammam-7 supercomputer reinforces the company’s stance in being the industry leader in geosciences. Its unprecedented computing capabilities will benefit the company’s exploration, development and unconventional program efforts through efficiently building sophisticated and accurate subsurface models and imaging. As of now, ENI is currently the only energy industry company that has a supercomputer with a peak power of nearly 70 petaflops.


The power to image some of the world’s largest and most challenging geophysical assets will further advance and strengthen our ability to discover and recover oil and gas, reduce exploration and development risks, and build Earth models with a faster turnaround time with better imagery and greater intelligence. Additionally, this overall enhancement of the efficiencies and reliability in Upstream, will ensure the reliable delivery of energy around the world.



A commitment to excellence


In his remarks at the inauguration, Nasir K. Al Naimi, acting Business Line head for Upstream, emphasized that despite the difficulties faced in 2020, this new achievement is proof of our commitment to excellence. 


In a year that threw challenge after challenge at us, I think it is commendable that we continued to move ahead with Aramco’s digital transformation. And not incremental improvement — Dammam-7 is a game changer.
Nasir K. Al Naimi


Al Naimi emphasized that the challenges faced were not merely due to the pandemic, but rather a number of technological issues that included connectivity, bandwidth and data transfer, especially between DTV where the supercomputer resides, and Aramco’s Core Area. 


Al Naimi also highlighted the work and dedication poured into this project, focusing on the exceptional teamwork among Aramco’s Exploration, EXPEC Computer Center, EXPEC Advanced Research Center, and the Information Technology and Security Department, for working tirelessly to find solutions and building the company an extremely powerful tool. 

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