Pathway to Health

New bike path cuts a path to health

Enthusiastic cyclists gather for inauguration of new course in Dhahran.

New bike path cuts a path to health

The Central Community Services Department (CCSD) transformed old sections of the Rolling Hills Golf Course into a safe and a family-friendly biking trail, officially inaugurating it on Jan. 13. They were joined by 60 enthusiastic bike riders, many of them children.


Mohammed A. Al Sultan, general manager of Community Services Operations, said the path was constructed in a way to improve the health and well-being of employees – and thereby enhance their lifestyles.


“With elevation variations within the path providing stress training, it is also a multipurpose area where people can bike, relax by the duck pond, and socialize as well,” said Al Sultan.


Biking and enjoying 

Daniel Scott, vice president of the Dhahran Cycling Club, said: “It’s great to see kids pursuing their lifelong passion with cycling today, in a safe environment. It is a good way for families to have healthy activities such as this one.”


The biking trail features high-tech smart solar benches powered by the sun with a wireless phone charging station, in addition to speakers that connect phones to play some music – encouraging people to connect to nature while connecting their phone chargers, said Ameen M. Rashed from Central Community Services.


Manal I. Mousa, also from Central Community Services, explained the design concept of the biking lane: “Bike forever and connect.” The biking lane includes several connecting circles placed on the route where every 500 meters, two bikers can meet in the same circle to engage and chat.


Central Community Services manager Meshaal S. Al Khaldi emphasized promoting a safe environment first, as the route is safely structured for bikers to enjoy their time. 


Improving the quality of life is essential to the Dhahran community. Surrounding the trail, there will be a future forest that is currently being planted.
Meshaal S. Al Khaldi


Voices from the community


Ahlam N. Zaid from the Accounting Policies and Systems Department was one of the participants during the biking race. She expressed her enthusiasm for participating in a sports-related event. 


“It is a great addition to the community, promoting and encouraging people to be active,” Zaid said.


Jacob A. Burry from Community Services said: “This is a great place for young kids to ride their bikes in a safe environment. Everyone should go out and take advantage of the weather during this time of the year.”


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