Al-Khobar Cleanup

Challenge accepted: cleanup on al-Khobar Corniche

Upstream Project Management launches Beach Safety and Cleanup initiative.

Challenge accepted: cleanup on al-Khobar Corniche

A clean environment is one of the core beliefs at Aramco. Emanating from this firm belief, Upstream Project Management (PM) recently launched the Beach Safety and Cleanup initiative. Led by the Offshore Projects Department (OPD), the initiative is an essential component of its “Go Green Plan” that strives to change the behavior toward our environment. 


OPD arranged a campaign and carried out the cleanup event on Dec. 12 in partnership with company contractors. The purpose of this event was to promote awareness regarding the benefits of keeping our beaches clean for biodiversity and sustainability. Overall, more than 300 volunteers participated in the event, covering a section of approximately 1.5 kilometers along the al-Khobar Corniche. 


“One very simple thing we all can do is to promote a clean and safe environment ensuring the tidiness of our beaches,” said Abdulaziz F. Al-Dulaijan, OPD manager.


It is not only our social responsibility, but is also in line with national aspiration to improve the environment where we live and make our livelihood. An unclean beach, in addition to everything else, precludes or limits its recreational use and aesthetic appeal.
Abdulaziz F. Al-Dulaijan


One of the biggest challenges of our lifetime is preventing the polluting of our oceans and beaches. Such pollution endangers the habitat of numerous marine creatures and birds. 


Plastic, a very toxic and harmful element, is already present in all levels of the food chain due to such pollution. Fish and other marine animals ingest plastic micro-particles that either kill them or end up on our dinner table. Therefore, it is very important to support programs that take action to minimize environmental issues and help keep our beaches clean and safe.


This event was concluded with a message from the general manager of Upstream PM, Fahad A. Al-Ammari, encouraging all to follow best practices and exert all possible efforts to make our beaches safe and environmentally clean.


He also urged all participants to avoid leaving any trash and waste on the beach, which could affect the beach environment and endanger the natural ecosystem. 


It is the responsibility of all employees to contribute to the national and global efforts that are underway at Aramco for the provision of maintaining a clean environment for the next generations.


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