Help end the pandemic — vaccinate

Take the COVID-19 vaccine to protect yourself and everyone you care about.

Help end the pandemic — vaccinate

The COVID-19 vaccine has finally arrived, bringing with it a global sigh of relief at the end of a difficult year marred by the COVID-19 outbreak. 


Although our new normal lives will have to continue as is for a while, the end of this pandemic is near, and as individuals, we each play a role in expediting our return to normal by taking the COVID-19 vaccine.


Although, with the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine, a new behavior has emerged: “vaccine hesitancy.” This is where the fear of the vaccine might outweigh that of the virus itself, and some people are having trouble accepting the idea of taking the vaccine. 



I encourage all employees to register for the vaccine using the Sehhaty app, to help keep our workplaces and communities safe.
Amin Nasser, Aramco president and CEO


Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare answers your most pressing COVID-19 vaccine questions, and addresses your concerns.


What is the name of the available COVID-19 vaccine?

The current COVID-19 vaccine is the Pfizer-BionTech vaccine; different vaccines may be available in the future.


How is it given, and how many doses do I need?

The vaccine is given by injection. There are two doses of the vaccine, which are administered approximately 21 days apart.


How long until I get protection from the vaccine?

After a patient gets the shot, the body will start the process of making antibodies right away. However, the process of building up those antibodies takes time.


After the first dose, you will be about 50% protected. After the second dose, 21 days later, you will be upwards of 94% to 95% protected.


How does the vaccine protect me?

When vaccination is given, your immune system creates antibodies to fight the disease and may enhance the immune system through other ways.


Who will receive the COVID-19 vaccine?

The Ministry of Health (MOH) established a three phase plan for citizens and residents of Saudi Arabia.

Phase one: Citizens or residents who are over the age of 65, and professionals who are most vulnerable to infection. People whose body mass index (BMI) is over 40; those who have an immune deficiency or are taking immunosuppressive drugs; those who have two or more of the following chronic diseases: asthma, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, chronic heart disease, chronic pulmonary disease; and anyone with a history of stroke.

Phase two: Citizens and residents over the age of 50, all other health care practitioners, and those with a BMI between 30 and 40.

Phase three: For all citizens or residents who wish to take the vaccine to protect themselves and their families.


Where can I receive a COVID-19 vaccine?

At this time, the MOH is providing vaccinations in their facilities. JHAH and Aramco are collaborating with the MOH to enable vaccinations at JHAH sites. 


Is the vaccine safe?

The Pfizer-BionTech vaccine has been rigorously tested in clinical trials, and it is considered safe.


The Saudi Food and Drug Authority and other relevant bodies have approved this vaccine. The Saudi Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization also endorses this vaccine. Scientists are constantly monitoring the use of the vaccine globally for potential health risks.


What are the benefits of getting a COVID-19 vaccine?

There is no way of knowing how COVID-19 will affect your body if you get it, but we do know that it can cause serious illness, complications, and in some cases, death. Getting a COVID-19 vaccine can protect you, and in particular, people around you who are at increased risk. 


If I have already had COVID-19, should I still take the vaccine?

Even if you have had COVID-19 and developed a natural protection or immunity against the virus, it is not known how long this protection lasts. Being vaccinated is still of benefit.


What are the vaccine side effects?

A small number of people may experience:

• Headache and fatigue

• Pain at the injection site

• Muscle pain

• Fever and shivering. 


How do I manage side effects?

To relieve any side effects:

• Take paracetamol to relieve headaches, muscle pain, or fever.

• Place a cold compress on the injection site to reduce any discomfort, redness, or swelling.


If you have a reaction to the vaccine for more than three days, or one that prevents you from being able to eat, sleep, or work, you should contact your primary care doctor, or visit a walk-in care clinic.


Seek care immediately if you have any signs of an allergic reaction, such as hives, difficulty breathing, swelling of the face and throat, a fast heartbeat, or dizziness.


Can I get COVID-19 from a vaccine?

No, it is not possible to be infected with SARS-Cov-2 and get COVID-19 from the vaccine that is currently being used in Saudi Arabia, as it contains only part of the virus.


We all have an integral role to play ending this pandemic and in building a better tomorrow by taking the COVID-19 vaccine to protect ourselves and those around us.


You are encouraged to register your interest in the COVID-19 vaccination with the Ministry of Health. Scan the QR code to download the MOH Sehhaty application and register.


For more specific information on the COVID-19 vaccine, please contact the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 helpline at 937.


Visit our COVID-19 vaccine FAQ page.











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