Diversity and Inclusion

A day at the beach: Najmah more inclusive, accessible

Installation of ramp, pathway, and handrails looks to make beach gatherings easier for those with mobility issues.

A day at the beach: Najmah more inclusive, accessible

Families love a day at the beach, but it’s often less enjoyable for those with mobility issues such as the elderly and parents with young children in strollers.


To mitigate such issues, Aramco recently completed the installation of a disability beach ramp and pathway complete with sturdy handrails and signs. This project is in line with international standards, Saudi Building Codes, including the Kingdom’s Mowaamah program, which was introduced by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development to support working and living environments to become more inclusive for people with disabilities.   


The beach ramp and pathway are the first in Saudi Aramco and part of the Northern Area / Western Region Community Services Department’s initiative to ensure that all facilities are adapted to accommodate people with disabilities and provide ease of access to all of its patrons.


“We are about raising awareness among community members about living with persons with disabilities and creating a sustainable, user-friendly and safe community.”
— Abdullah S. Al Shemaly, manager of the Northern Area/Western Region Community Services Department


The ramp makes a tremendous difference for people being able to go to the beach without having to depend on others or forego their trip altogether because of the lack of ease of access.  Also, more vibrant disability parking signs have been added to 13 community facilities parking lot, and appropriate signs are being placed throughout the community to help visitors and residents identify these amenities. 


In addition, 11 business and leisure accommodations have been upgraded to provide dedicated accommodation for people with disabilities.







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