Memory Lane

Memory Lane: Looking back across the decades

Lost bicycles, World War II vets, and strong weather are highlighted in this week’s revisiting of Aramco history.

Memory Lane: Looking back across the decades

Dec. 9, 1945

Charles F. Rocheville, with 30 years of experience as a pilot, is setting up "shop" at the Dhahran airport to handle Aramco's air transportation. In 196-17, he served as an instructor for the Royal Flying Corps in Toronto, Canada, and when America entered the War, he transferred to the U.S. Navy and was assigned to aviation. He served in both World War I and II.


Dec. 8, 1965

Many bicycles have been found in Dhahran from time to time, and these are being kept at the Housing Office until claimed. Those who have lost bicycles should check with the Lost and Found Section of the Housing Office to identify them.


Dec. 11, 1985

It began about 9 o'clock Wednesday evening, Dec. 4. A shamal wind suddenly blew up, buffeting trees and billowing dust across the open roads of the Eastern Province. A torrential rain followed, riding the crest of a strong northwest wind, damaging at least 150 Aramco community trees, dismantling untold antennas, and etching itself in the minds of many Aramcons as one of the fiercest wind/rain storms in recent memory.


Dec. 7, 2005

"Bright Smiles, Bright Futures" is the name of a new initiative sponsored by Saudi Aramco's Dental Services Department and the Public Relations Department's Community Outreach Program to encourage youngsters to develop healthy oral-hygiene habits. As part of the initiative, first-grade boys attending government schools were brought to the Saudi Aramco Exhibit to take part in a two-hour oral-health awareness program that included a short cartoon, "Dr. Rabbit's World Tour."


Dec. 9, 2015

Aramco was honored with two international industry awards at the World Oil awards ceremony, including the Best Exploration Technology for its 3-D Reservoir Saturation Mapping from Crosswell Electromagnetic in Horizontal Wells, and another for Best Production Chemicals.


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