1 Million Trees

Aramco plants native trees at Tanajib Sanctuary

Safaniyah Area Producing’s 4,500 trees are part of the company’s 1 Million Trees Initiative.

Aramco plants native trees at Tanajib Sanctuary

A Chinese proverb says: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time, is now.” 


Safaniyah Area Producing recently sponsored the planting of 4,500 trees at the Tanajib Sanctuary, as part of its commitment to Aramco’s 1 Million Trees Initiative, which forms part of the corporate commitment to plant native trees across the Kingdom. 



Three types of trees were selected for the initiative — 2,500 Sidr trees, 1,000 Ghaf, and 1,000 Athel trees – all of which were provided by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture. Each type provides significant environmental and health benefits and are proven to consume low amounts of water, and can withstand the harsh desert climate.


Using treated water to sustain trees

An irrigation system was installed to make sure each tree is receiving the adequate quantity of water until it reaches maturity, and is able to survive on its own. Planted 10 meters apart, the trees cover an area of about 360,000 m2.


Maintaining biodiversity in the increment

Northern Area Oil Operations (NAOO) vice president Dawood M. Al-Dawood said, “The company has always valued its responsibility to protect and enhance the surrounding natural environments of its operations.” 


“These areas of biological diversity, NAOO’s ownership and initiatives are clear evidence of the company’s successful efforts in maintaining the environmental ecosystem while running its operations.”


Safaniyah Area Producing general manager, Ali S. Al-Ajmi, is the sponsor for planting various type of trees and mangroves in the area from Khursaniyah to Tanajib, in desert areas as well as along the shorelines.  


“NAOO, with the help of the Environmental Protection organization, has set an ambitious plan to improve environmental biodiversity and accelerate rehabilitation of onshore and offshore areas where we operate,” Al-Ajmi said.


Benefits of planting trees
The benefit of planting and maintaining trees are multifaceted, including:
Beautification of the landscape
Fresh air
Food chain
Reduce air pollution (CO2)
Reduce air temperature in desert areas
Reduce soil erosion
Provide shelter to birds and animals.

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