Excellence in Safety

Going with the flow for safety

Aramco Americas drives excellence at Manufacturers Forum on Valve Quality.

Going with the flow for safety

If you were to ask any industrial engineer, “What is the most crucial component for safety and reliability in any industrial process?” The response, undoubtedly, would be “valves.” 


They are responsible for controlling flows across the circulatory system of the oil and gas industry. Their performance is critical in ensuring on-schedule operations and that we meet upstream and downstream commitments. 


Valve manufacturers are key partners for supporting Aramco’s operations and providing products that meet the company’s stringent expectations in terms of safety and reliability. 


“Advanced technologies are a doorway to operational success, and when coupled with the human component as it relates to manufacturer partnerships, there is an opportunity to find ways to make further progress,” said Tariq Basrawi, manager of Aramco Americas Technical Services.


To support excellence and continuous improvement, Aramco Americas, together with Saudi Aramco’s Vendor Inspection Program, hosted a virtual event for U.S. manufacturers called the “Manufacturers Forum on Valve Quality” that attracted participants from more than 10 companies who together represent a significant part of the U.S. market’s valve production.


Quality professionals from Aramco Americas joined the webinar and provided their perspective based on 150 years of combined experience in quality assurance and control. Aramco’s Engineering Division was on hand to share expertise based on valve performance in processes in Aramco.


ABOVE: Aramco Americas inspector Daniel Davenport gears up with the RealWear HMT-1Z1 device used for remote collaborative inspections.


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