Photographic Memory

Photographic Memory: Renewing old acquaintances

In the early 1950s, some of the company’s pioneers gathered at Dammam Well No. 1 as part of a tour of Aramco facilities.

Photographic Memory: Renewing old acquaintances

R.C. Stoner, former vice president and director of Standard Oil Company of California, renewed many old acquaintances as he took his first extensive look at Aramco’s installations. Included in his tour was Dammam Well No. 1, atop the Jebel Dhahran. He is shown at the well site with some of the men who figured prominently in the early operations and helped make Saudi Arabia a major oil producer — from left, P.C. McConnell, Call Ross, W. Eltiste, C.C. Dorsey, Francis Stone and Stoner. F.W. Ohliger was directing oil operations at the time the early wells were brought in. This photo was published in the Sun and Flare on March 25, 1953. (Photo by T.F. Walters)


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