Gratitude’s healing powers

Living and coping during the pandemic is difficult, but gratitude is a critical salve in a time of tumult.

Gratitude’s healing powers

Living with the “new normal” during COVID-19 is probably one of the hardest challenges we have had to face this year. To thrive in our lives these days, we need to adopt small daily habits to uplift us and give us hope, we need to look for the silver lining. That can start with looking inwards and feeling grateful. 


Studies have shown that practicing gratitude has a positive effect in helping people manage their stress, and people who regularly expressed gratitude took better care of themselves mentally and physically, which improved their immune system. 


How can you foster gratitude? 

Keep a gratitude journal to write down two to three things you are grateful for every day, or try to express gratitude to your family, friends, and the people you work with. Try incorporating gratitude into your daily habits and keep reminders so that this becomes second nature to you. You will automatically start to see the silver lining to the challenges you are dealing with. 

Personal observations


We also asked some of our readers how the pandemic shifted their perspective on life and how their priorities have changed: 


COVID-19 made me realize that we are stronger than we thought, it taught me resilience, strength and courage. 

COVID-19 taught me that being mindful and empathetic can help us survive.

Before COVID-19, I took so many things for granted, a simple walk, dinner out with friends, and family gatherings. It’s sad to say that it took a global pandemic to shake me out of the deep negative slumber I was in, to make me realize how lucky I was and how good I had it.


Humor is a way to ease life’s daily stressors, it is a good method to help overcome difficult times, reflecting on that, one of our introverted readers shared that, “I have been preparing for social distancing my entire life, and now, thanks to COVID-19, everyone else is too.” 


Along with practicing gratitude, staying safe and vigilant is important, COVID-19 is still prevalent. Remember to continue to abide by the 3Ws: Wash your hands, Wear your mask, and Watch your distance. Visit JHAH.com> New Coronavirus for more COVID-19 prevention measures and guidelines. 


What are your COVID-19 silver linings? Share your thoughts with Layal.Khatib@JHAH.com for an opportunity to inspire others and be published in JHAH’s Well-being Magazine’s “Gratitude Corner” feature.


If you are suffering from feelings of depression, stress, or isolation, call the JHAH Emotional Help Line, available Sunday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., or download our “Mental Health Tool Kit.” 


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