Planting Power

Initiative brings a green touch to Aramco projects

The Maintain Potential Gardens environmental initiative looks to help protect the environment by creating a place for plants threatened by extinction.

Initiative brings a green touch to Aramco projects

Maintain Potential (MP) Gardens is an environmental initiative by the Onshore Maintain Potential Projects Department (OMPPD) to plant and preserve renewable environmental resources and plants threatened with extinction, which requires protection from human encroachments and pollution in all forms.


MP Gardens will spread inside and outside existing OMPPD Project Management Team (PMT) main camps in southern, central, and northern areas. The outside topography around the camps will be preserved unchanged. The MP Garden’s trees and plantations, which are recommended by Saudi Aramco’s Environmental Protection organization and supplied by the Ministry of Environmental, Water and Agriculture, are selected carefully from within each area, to be self-sufficient most of the year in water consumption.


The MP Gardens will be irrigated with available treated water from existing sewage treatment plants at the PMT camps. Natural flow with modern irrigation techniques are used, including drip and sprinkler irrigation. Eventually, the MP Gardens will rely entirely on natural irrigation, such as seasonal rainfall, flood irrigation and dew, without any human intervention.


The MP Gardens are expected to absorb as much carbon dioxide as what 50,000 average cars produce annually, and will produce in a season enough oxygen for about 500,000 people to breathe in a year. 


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