The ticking clock

The ticking clock

Time is a strange thing. We get delusional, delaying important things in our lives, thinking that we have all eternity to do them. We lead our lives in a reckless way, failing to realize the fact that time is running out and slowly slipping through our hands.

We have many people in our lives, each deserving some kind of human courtesy from us. Nevertheless, we often fulfill our relationships and obligations casually. Without realizing that with each passing day and with each tick of the clock, a part of us is gone.

Many times, the daily grind takes its toll on our relationships. We start taking people and things around us for granted. We assume there will always be a time to say “thank you,” “sorry,” or a simple, “I love you,” until a moment of truth is upon us, which is our death. It takes away the opportunity from us to express our feelings.

We face a moment when we wish to have a little more time in our lives. Time to be more susceptible and more responsive to our fellow beings. If only we had expressed ourselves openly and appreciated things around us more. Wishing we had taken care of people around us a little more than we actually did. The irony of the fact is that once the clock stops, we have no chance to do anything about it.

Let’s wake up and realize that now is the time to take action while the clock is still ticking. Time to take every chance that comes our way to appreciate people in our lives. Time to show our gratitude and apologize wherever and whenever it’s due.

Let’s make a pledge never to take things for granted anymore. Remember to take a moment every single day to thank and appreciate the people around us.

Let us work together toward showing our emotions and never lose our priorities or get lost in the daily grind of our lives. Let’s take charge of our lives while the clock is still ticking.


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