use wellness to drive personal and company success

use wellness to drive personal and company success

How often do you enjoy a gentle walk, work up a sweat in the gym, or order a fresh salad for lunch? If you respond “not often,” you might want to consider how your lifestyle choices are affecting your quality of life and even the company’s progress toward its objectives.

Robust levels of well-being allows us to be our best at home and work, and the reverse also holds true. Aramco continuously stives to maximize profitability by improving returns from company assets, and we as employees are Aramco’s most valuable assets.

Achieving a better state of wellness contributes to the achievement of company objectives by reducing our level of risk for serious diseases, minimizing time lost to illness, and increased productivity as negative impacts (such as lower back pain, fatigue, or high stress) are reduced.

Cost reductions and heightened productivity of epic proportions could be realized if each of us made health a priority, but that’s easier said than done.

Swapping unhealthy behaviors for newer and healthier ones isn’t easy, but it is achievable with the right approach. Making simple, small changes to our daily routine and gradually expanding them over time can lead us to staggering success; none of us should expect to go from couch potato to Olympic athlete overnight.

Here are three quick tips to help us get started:

walk more

Physical inactivity is a key risk factor for diseases and health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. It is recommended that adults do at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity or 75+ minutes of vigorous intensity physical activity each week. The key is finding an enjoyable activity, as who would spend that much time doing something they dislike?

Walking has many benefits as an activity. We can walk anywhere — at home, in the office, or outdoors, and it can be fit into the day like taking the stairs or parking further away. Walking doesn’t leave us tired or sore like some activities, but it is a great stress reliever and creativity booster. Also, process can be monitored by steps, time, etc.

eat more plants

When it comes to nutrition, eating more plants is something every expert can agree upon. Fruits and vegetables are widely available and packed full of fiber, vitamins, and minerals to help our body.

Eating sufficient fiber helps weight loss by offering low calorie bulk to the diet while helping us feel fuller for longer. Hitting daily fiber recommendations (25 to 30 grams per day) also reduces the risk of developing several chronic diseases.

For good health, and to protect us from deficiency-related symptoms such as fatigue, brittle bones, and poor immunity, vitamins and minerals are required in our diet. These conditions affect our quality of life and workplace performance. Fruits and vegetables are natural multivitamins, and we should be consuming 400 grams (five portions) each day.

manage stressors

Stress is not always a bad thing, but when it’s severe, frequent, or prolonged, it can negatively impact our mental and physical well-being. Effectively managing stress can improve our mood and energy levels, reduce the drive to overeat, and reduce the risk of developing obesity.

There are many stress management strategies available today, ranging from traditional activities such as meditation and yoga to quick and simple activities such as walking, journaling, and deep breathing. The key is finding a method we connect with.

Healthy lifestyle choices are in our circle of control, and by adopting some simple lifestyle changes we can enhance our energy, mood, resilience, and health, which is beneficial to us, our families, and employer.


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