environmental journey drives marine operations

environmental journey drives marine operations

Dhahran — Aramco is pursuing an environmental protection initiative by obtaining a class “Environmental Notation” on its fleet of vessels and jackup barges from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

Abdullah O. Tewairqi, Marine Department manager, noted that the voluntary standard establishes a more stringent requirement for higher standards of environmental protection, demanding strong procedures and an environmentally focused design and operation through “management processes and support systems for ballast water and sewage management, hull anti-fouling applications, airborne pollutant discharges, fuel oil, and the use of refrigerants.”

benefits of the notation

The benefits of the designation are based on a systematic approach to the control and monitoring of potential marine pollutants, the outcome being a significantly enhanced environmental protection system.

“Delivered in a consistent manner and reviewed regularly, it will drive environmental performance improvements year on year,” said Tewairqi.

“To maximize the benefits of the notation, we are conducting an awareness campaign for all ships’ crews on the notation while emphasizing the need to maintain and regularly update the associated documentation on board.”

To achieve this notation, the Marine Port Engineering Unit (MPEU) worked hard with each vessel and jackup barge. MPEU supervisor Mohammed Ghamdi, who championed the development of the management plans covering environmental aspects of operations, noted that each of the plans will be reviewed and approved by ABS prior to the award, and that port engineers attending to the vessels will be accompanied by an ABS surveyor. The two groups worked together to ensure that the ABS Environmental Protection Notation requirements are met and that compliance is achieved across the board.

“This award illustrates the Marine Department’s willingness to go well beyond simple compliance as part of our ongoing commitment to maritime excellence overall, and environmental protection in particular,” said Tewairqi.

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