Hi-tech helmet

Hi-tech helmet

Hawiyah — The challenge of identifying and isolating people potentially carrying COVID-19 has seen the deployment of three hi-tech “Smart Helmets” that provide a high precision temperature screening of employees and contractors at the Hawiyah Expansion Project.

The Smart Helmet is capable of performing the rapid screening of multiple employees — both indoors and in the field — and at a safe distance of up to five meters.

latest technologies

Boasting the latest technologies, the helmet can identify an employee or contractor with a high fever — even in a crowd of up to 200 — and has an alarm function. The three helmets have been distributed to key personnel in Industrial Security, the project team, and the on-site safety team.

Hawiyah Gas Plant manager Rashed M. Dossary says he appreciates the team efforts in the deployment of the technology at the site.

“It will help to detect the temperature of all workers in the field without having to get near people,” Dossary added.

The helmet is capable of live screening multiple people at the same time and identifying people with high fevers.


The Smart Helmet also boasts a computer screen visible to one eye of the wearer, an app, and is also connected to an office-based computer to ensure real-time monitoring.

The team has deployed three helmets — two to be used inside the site and one at the security entrance gate so when cars are passing through the security gate, the Smart Helmet can read the real temperature of the driver and the passengers.


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